Monday, June 6, 2011

Where have I been?

Geez, it feels like forever since I've been a bloggin' and even longer since I've created! I travelled to our Capital city, Victoria last week to take part in the Premiere's Awards. Our district was up for an award so fellow co-workers and I took time out from our hectic work schedule and enjoyed our time shopping, relaxing, shopping, award dinner and shopping. We were only there for one night but it felt like we'd been there for 4+ days! The weather was beautiful (yeah, no rain) and although the Olympic group won the award in our category (like who could beat that!) we thoroughly enjoyed our evening. Here is a pic of the beautiful Empress hotel.
And here is a picture of myself and my co-worker Sharon enjoying our night. Well, Sharon looks like she's not quite sure about the evening but trust me, she enjoyed it!
After spending a whole weekend at home, sitting on the deck with drink and book in hand, I feel rested and ready to start crafting - especially since the Canucks played a HORRIBLE game tonite!!

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